Converting Two Houses into One

I was happy when I was able to purchase the house I was living at. I had been renting it for several years, and I honestly never thought about owning it one day. My landlord gave me a terrific deal though as he was wanting to sell off his properties. I was able to secure not only my house but the one attached to it as well. It was vacant, and I instantly thought of hiring a builder in Bristol so I could knock down some of the walls and make it one big house.

I honestly did not know if that was possible as I know next to nothing about carpentry work. I know that some walls cannot be torn down because they are support walls, but that is the extent of what I know. I decided to bring a builder out to the house though so I could find out if it was possible. If not, I figured I would find a new renter. Thankfully, that was not what happened. When the builder saw what I wanted to do, he told me that he could definitely make it one big house instead of two small ones.

I thought that he would just open up the wall once on the main floor and once on the second floor, but he showed me a better way of doing it. The main floor has one huge opening that connects both dining rooms. They were the smallest rooms on both sides, so now I have a dining room. He also opened up the living rooms a bit, but then he closed off one corner to make me a small sewing room. he also has two openings upstairs, one at each end of the hall. He offered to take out one set of stairs, but I actually like having both of them. It makes the house unique and charming at the same time!